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Budapest FINA 2017. identity proposal

16. 03. 2017.

We proposed an alternative logo and identity design for the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest. Last year’s identity was redesigned by graphic designer Akos Polgárdi

The design was inspired by Budapest in the peaceful turn of the century and its famous Art Nouveau architecture. Budapest, water, 2017, and cheering - we combined such feelings in the new logo. In our opinion the design stands for itself even without additional elements. The choice of blue colour was given by the theme of water and we used a slightly different tone of yellow than last year as complementary colour. This is the only element what we kept from last year’s identity. We found it important to use a font created by Hungarian artist, and that’s how we ended up with the fontfamily of Westeinde Caption by Ádám Katyi

Our venturous poster concepts are showing defining moments of winning and competing. For this presentation we used the photos of Anikó Kovács (MTI). The logo has to work both on print and moving images. We made a short sequence to present how our logo animation would work as part of the broadcast of the event. 

Although we didn’t win the project, the committee was rather positive about our proposal. They especially liked the possibilities coming with the logo, for example how it can be used in a tile pattern.  

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