Food Reporter redesign

23. 05. 2017.

Creating a new corporate image is always a very exciting task: we must follow the trends, but it is even better if it is a bit more forward-looking. It must be easily identifiable for the viewer, but the creators should feel it as their own as well. If it is a video blog, then it should look great also on screen.

The Food Reporter video blog was launched five years ago as a hobby, but it soon became one of the most dominant culinary platforms of the Netherlands. Its brother page called Culinary Inspiration reached 100K followers so seeing the success, it was time for a complete redesign.

We have started to work together on the new corporate identity with our friend Ákos Polgárdi; the logo designed by him perfectly reflects the aspirations of the Food Reporter quality. We designed the moving elements based on it.

The starting point for the logo was that it shouldn’t be too direct, but should still hold some reference to food. We didn’t want to use a movie camera or some other banal symbol for filmmaking. We didn’t want it to be too dominant, since the focus is on the chefs and their foods, rather than the online interface.

Ákos designed the logo in a minimalist style, which we combined with large, clean, white surfaces and animated elements, just like a white tablecloth. Playfulness is implemented with yellow, complementing the black-and-white look, but we will use this only minimally.

We hope that the viewers will get to love it as much as we do.

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