How do we work?

Watch our showreel and can see how we create stories. Content and quality are always in our primary focus which is also the core of content marketing. 

We offer customised services tailored to the needs of every project. Since 2010 we created several video projects like online commercials, TV ads, documentaries in The Netherlands and also in Hungary. From the beginning we have been building a strong partner network to offer even more complex projects to our clients internationally.

Let’s work together!

Our Services

Concept creating
Advice and expertise for the conception of various video formats (Instagram, IGTV, Facebook and YouTube videos). Book an online or personal consultation here.

Film and content producing
Managing digital productions with an expert crew. Taking care of campaigns, commercials and long term projects from creative concepts to realisation.

One person crew
Video journalist style production reporting the news solo. Quick, straight forward yet still creative. Call or Text us for availability.

Post production
Editing should not be a mechanic process because content, picture, sound, graphics have to all fit together. Our studio in Rotterdam is ready for various projects.

Social media strategy & management
Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) is an inevitable element of any marketing strategy. Your content is in good hands with our partner.

Graphics design
A perfect design is like contemporary art where strong visual elements complement the message of clients. Our partner is a very talented graphics design collaboration operating in Budapest.

Our production partner captures also stills. Portraits, object and event photos for magazines and websites in The Netherlands and also in Hungary.

Production partners
Hungary has always been important for us, and our excellent production partner ensures to bridge the distance.