SONY Xperia meets James Bond

09. 11. 2015.

The whole cinema had a unique experience of watching the new James Bond movie in Budapest before the premiere. Ms Moneypenny greeted the guests, then "András Stohl", Daniel Craig's Hungarian voice appeared on the canvas and started searching for his cellphone. The SONY Xperia z5's high-end device was hidden in the J line, which of course did not have any effect on the chair. The surprise was huge, the winner had already left the cinema with his new phone.

The action had to be carefully prepared because everything was on timing. The story began with Veronika Nádasi, Ms Moneypenny's Hungarian voice, which synchronised the new advertising spot of SONY. We had to measure exactly how long an average switching would last for the phone at the right time.

The Hungarian Film Lab created the cinema version of our film, which was continuously projected behind closed doors on the day of the rehearsal. We recorded the event from three camera angles, which was a great success. It was a real collaborative work with the team, who now made online content for the SONY community sites.

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